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For questions about admissions, class availability and tours, contact Preschool Director Sarah Kruszka at
(704) 376-0688 or


What are your school hours?

Classes meet 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What days can my child attend school?

We offer a flexible schedule and work to accommodate every family’s needs. Families can select the days they wish to attend based on availability. Our Pre-K students attend class Monday through Friday in preparation for kindergarten.

How large is your school?

You will notice when you visit St. Martin’s that we offer a warm, familial environment. By design, we keep the school small to ensure that this community feel continues. On average we have 50 families attending our school each year.

Do you follow a curriculum?

Yes, each classroom teacher designs activities for student with learning in mind. We feel that the best way to learn, especially in the PRE-school years, is through play, and through both free and directed activities.

Our goal is to nurture a love of learning and prepare children, both educationally and emotionally, for elementary school. Teachers in the Threes and Pre-K classes provide parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child's development and learning styles in preparation for kindergarten. 

How large are your student-teacher ratios?

What are your student-teacher ratios?

Regardless of the number of children attending school on a given day, every class at St. Martin’s is taught by two teachers. Our ratios are:

  • Toddlers (18-24 months) – 5:1

  • Twos – 6:1

  • Threes – 7:1

  • Pre-K – 8:1

How do you select and train your teachers?

Our preschool staff family is carefully selected on the basis of their educational background, experience and suitability to work with young children.

Each classroom has a lead and assistant teacher. We keep low student to teacher ratios in compliance with the state of North Carolina and The Episcopal Church.

We continually participate in staff development through workshops and conferences to keep our teachers up to date and well-informed.

What is your tuition?

Click to read our brochure for information about our policies and tuition.